Make Energy Usage Your Superpower

Whether you are buying, selling or managing commercial real estate, understanding energy usage is good for your bottom line and good for the planet. Citera takes the complexity out of real estate energy analytics.

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"With Citera, our collaborative synergy propels us toward ESG success. This partnership streamlines our efforts, enabling us to spend less time analyzing and more time achieving impactful results."

Bruno Meunier

VP of Operations

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Citera powers improved performance

Are you looking to acquire a new property? Looking to optimize a building in your portfolio? Do you need to monitor and benchmark your portfolio and improve performance?

Citera will give you the insight and understanding to make better purchasing and selling decisions, optimize your properties’ performance. and benchmark yourself against the industry to look for opportunities to improve.

You Already Have the Data

All we need to get you started are your energy bills, and if you’re tenants pay their own bills, we’ll aggregate those for you.

Turn Energy Into Advantage

Excess energy use impacts your bottom line, but it also impacts your property value. Citera gives you the insights and decision support you need to get energy use under control.

Green is Good For Business

Commercial real estate is always competitive, and gaining the upper hand over energy consumption will help you keep rents in check as well as helping reduce environmental impacts.

If your not pairing your consumption data with the variables impacting it, then you’re not seeing your true insights

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Our Team

Our team is built around the passion of experts in data analysis, sustainability, and property management. We combine our diverse expertise with a commitment to innovation and develop cutting-edge solutions that empower you to make smarter decisions about your property.

Daniel Lavinskas
Founder / CEO
Christophe Manseau
Head of Product
Ingrid Bauer
Director of Design
Pavlo Zubenko
Software Developer
Zack Brown
Strategic Advisor
Phil Dehais
Account Executive
Pippa & Millie
Co-Chief Cuddle Officers


Citera's vision is to be an enabling technology that helps power a green revolution by allowing sustainability and profitability to co-exist and empower each other in humanity’s built environment.