Simplify energy tracking for your properties

We make sustainability accessible, helping businesses reduce their environmental footprint and achieve tangible results.
Citera's Sustainable Analytics Platform - Intuitive dashboard displaying energy consumption and emissions data.
Effortless data ingestion process with Citera's platform, taking seconds to seamlessly import and analyze sustainability data.

Citera uses AI technology to manage the complexity

At Citera, we understand that our customers come from diverse industries and have unique needs. Whether you're a multinational corporation, a property management firm, or a sustainability-focused organization, we're here to support you in achieving your sustainability goals. Our AI driven platform enables us to simplify the complexity of managing your properties sustainability goals.

From energy consumption and emissions tracking to resource optimization, we offer a holistic approach to sustainability management.
Our advanced analytics capabilities enable you to identify areas of improvement, set meaningful targets, and track your progress towards sustainability goals.
Our intuitive platform ensures that sustainability analytics is accessible to everyone, regardless of technical expertise.
Whether you have a single property or a global portfolio, our platform is designed to scale with your needs.

Platform Features

Citera has everything you need to track and act on your energy reduction plan

Data Ingestion

Our data ingestion platform makes it easy to go from unstructured data to insights in a matter of minutes.

Intuitive Interface

Being able to speak to everyone in a simple and intuitive way is important to driving meaningful change.

Building Focused

We're all about buildings, passionately dedicated to achieving excellence in this domain.

Scenario Planning

Allowing you the ability to see the impacts of different decisions, so you can feel confident in your choice.

Investment Tracking

After implementing your scenarios, track the progress of your plan all in one place.


Allowing you to benchmark with comparable properties based on real data.

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