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At Citera, we're on a mission to inspire earth-friendly impacts, with a dash of fun. We believe that by providing impactful and innovative solutions, we can make analytics accessible to all. Join our dynamic and collaborative team in driving positive change. We value both people and the planet, and offer exciting opportunities for growth and development. Together, let's revolutionize sustainability analytics and create a greener future. Apply now and make a difference with Citera!

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Our vibrant and inclusive Citera team, enjoying a fun and engaging work environment.

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Citera delivers fun through its product and fosters a fun and inclusive environment for employees, promoting collaboration, creativity, and work-life balance. Join us to make an impact and have fun!

Attractive compensation & comprehensive benefits
Work-life balance with flexible arrangements
Embrace creativity in a fun atmosphere
Emphasize diversity and inclusion values
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Make a positive impact on our environment

Our Mission

At Citera, our mission is to provide impactful, innovative solutions that not only make analytics accessible but also infuse them with a sense of fun, empowering businesses to drive meaningful change in their pursuit of sustainability.

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Join our team at Citera and be part of a passionate, innovative group driving sustainable impact.

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